Do you believe in magic?

The day is here! The day is here!

Today is the day I will be attending the highly anticipated MAGIC MIKE! Today is the day I have been waiting for for months. If you hear three high pitched women hootin’ and hollerin’ in the theater, chances are it may be my mom, my sister, and myself…and possibly a little tipsy.

Yesterday’s posts may have been a lot to take in, so to spice things up a bit, here’s a picture of my last dose of magic. Enjoy!

I had to hide his identity because later that night the group of us ran into this charming fellow at a bar. He was with a bunch of friends, so of course we bombarded him as we watched his face slowly turn to red. His friends had no idea he was stripping on the side.

No idea who this was, but from what I can remember, his ‘name’ was a European country I won’t mention and he used the radio for his performance. When the commercials came on, I’d say it was a little awkward.


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