No pity party tonight… just a little girl (or boy) talk for ya.

My favorite definition of the word style is this: a mode of living, as with respect to expense or display.

Everyone has style. Their own style. You may say someone is stylish or has style, but what does that mean exactly? Maybe that they dress with the trends, that they always have a put-together look. Sure.

One expresses oneself through style. Normally it’s external when we use the word. Furthermore, the style I’m talking about can be expressed through anything we see. Artwork, how one does their hair or makeup, how they decorate their house.

I am a very aesthetic person. I like things to look… well, I just like things to look ____. You fill in the blank, because I don’t know which word I would choose. I’ll admit, this is a very superficial interest. But it just gets me. Maybe it’s the type-A personality inside of me screaming. I sometimes feel if things aren’t ‘put together’ in my life, whether in be my outfit, the organization of the house or life for that matter, etc. then I do not have a sound mind. I’m weird, but it’s true.

Style normally connotes expensive. But why though? Does’t have to be. In fact, I love me a good deal. I’ve had people ask me where I found some item or other, and the look of shock on their face is sheer entertainment as I reveal TJ Maxx, Tuesday Morning, and do I dare say… WAL-MART! This is totally sacrilegious, but my counselor and I recently discussed when finding a ‘deal’ on something, how sometimes we say a quick ‘thank you God’ because we think of it as a little blessing. I told you I’m weird.

Side note: I’m a mom. But I don’t wear the mom jeans because I’m a mom. However, sweatpants for the first few months being a mom is a different story. Even the ones with the elastic ankles are permissible.

Don’t get me wrong, I do like nice things, nice clothes. Expensive things. I likednice things a lot more in my former life, i.e. before a child and a divorce. They mattered more, because I was more materialistic… I guess I’ll admit I still am but less so, but I like aesthetics. Now, I appreciate nice things. Not because I don’t have money to spend on them so when I do get something nice I appreciate it more- not the case at all. I appreciate something that is $5 and I appreciate something that’s $1,000 all on the same level. But what I appreciate in the nice things these days much more is the quality- the tedious crafting of that object, whether it be a handmade and pressed piece of clothing, a leather handbag, a signed piece of artwork, a mirrored nightstand, a designer lamp, a pair of Louboutins. (No, I don’t have a pair of those yet.) There is a reason behind the dollar sign of ‘nice’ things, and to the myself nowadays, it’s just not the label.

One of my favorite quotations referring to style comes from The Fashionista Files. This is my motto:

A fashionista can tell her Pucci from her Gucci and her Blahniks from her Choos, but she’s as comfortable in Kmart as she is in Chanel. She’s a clothing chameleon: a sharp tweed suit and a ladylike driving gloves one moment, a punk rock T-shirt and studded belt the next. She’s a gypsy, a princess, and a diva… And you can be her, no matter your size, style, or budget.

Ok, substitute ‘Kmart’ for ‘Target’ and then there’s my motto. Don’t you like this? It’s very forward. No matter the budget or label, fashion and style is something that anyone can have. For those of you pleased by aesthetics like me, as long as something displays _____, it’s style.


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