Everything’s going to be alright

I was informed by a friend that her friend is going through a similiar situation as I did a little over a year ago.

Just when you are happy in the life you’re living, happily married with a child or two, living in your little neighborhood. Then, bam. One simple action. One discovery. That’s all it takes sometimes to completely reverse your perception of the life you were living.

As I’ve tried to explain before, the physical pain, stress, anger, anxiety are clearly unable to communicate with words. At one point I just had to give up. Let the pain take over my body. Accept help from others, something I would reject on a daily basis. Now it’s all I had enough strength for- to accept help. How was I ever going to recover? Everything I had known was gone.

Deceit. There’s no greater damage that could be done to a family.

All I want to say is this. Not just for the friend of a friend going through her family’s own struggles, but for everyone who faces adversity so much so that it hurts to look forward. You will get there. You will make it. You will survive. Accept help. Do what you need to do for yourself, your kids. Take that first baby step.

There will be bumps in the road, times where you feel like you’ve taken one step ahead and three giant steps backwards. But remember, when you feel like you’re at the bottom, there’s only one way to go. I can’t tell you what it will take, how long it will take, what will work for you. I only know what helped me communicated through this blog. Hopefully it can help you too.

Take a deep breath. Through your nostrils and out your mouth.

Everything’s going to be alright. This isn’t coming from a friend, your mother, your father. This is coming from a complete stranger who knows nothing about you. And because I have gone through the same thing, I know that you will make it too. And you will be a better person because of it.

You’re going to get to the point where you will be able to choose YOU. It’s all downhill from there…


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