Bumps in the road

I am not superwoman. Some days I feel like I am.

As I mentioned earlier, on the road to recovery there are bumps in the road. Steps forward and giant leaps back. Nowadays, those leaps back are moreso tiny steps backwards, but backwards nonetheless.

The only reason I bring this up is because while I am promoting my story and where I am now- a strong, independent, working, single young mother, and so much more, there are some days those steps backwards still take place. Those moments I reminisce on how my life got to where it is, although I love my life as I have recalled many times, some situations within it naturally are deemed as difficult. Emotional.

I took a few steps backwards this week. Got emotional. But the difference now is, I can take a deep breath and push forward again. My hope is that in time I won’t need to pause and breathe, but automatically bounce back forward.

It takes time.


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