Adversity exposes character

You know that saying ‘adversity builds character’? The one that everyone rallies behind and agrees with? Yeah, not so much.

Does adversity really build character? Sure- in a few cases. It builds character if you can pick yourself up and be stronger because of it. If you can take on adversity and show resiliency too. If you’re this strong.

What about the rest of the world? How does adversity build their character? Perhaps it doesn’t build at all. Perhaps it exposes character, or certain characteristics that have yet to make their appearance. Take a relationship for example. Or even a marriage. A couple. Adversity comes. In a relationship, the adversity could come as an important disagreement, maybe financial woes, perhaps the unveiling of a lie within the relationship, or, Heaven forbid, a death in the family. Does adversity build character here? Sometimes. “How you handle the adversity is what builds the character.” Sure. But, it most definitely exposes character here. It shows true colors. Those strong, resilient people may pass with flying colors. The others, well they have some work to do. These characters exposed are hurtful, to other people at first, but probably even more hurtful to themselves in the end. Anger. Hate. Impulsivity. Selfishness. Deceitfulness.

I for one have had many-a-characterisic exposed when facing certain adversities. And they haven’t all been good ones. I’m not too proud to admit that.

Most of us expose our character in common daily adversities that come our way. Even in very nonchalant matters- I’ve had a bad day so I’m gonna let the world know how miserable I think life is with my negative facebook status. What does that say about our character? In my eyes, let’s just say that’s not very impressive character-wise.

(Aside from this adversity talk, people are just as much unimpressed by character of facebook statuses being positive, right? How complicated our human race is. However, I do try to keep the statuses light and airy, sometimes funny, sometimes grateful. I’m just a fan of happiness loving company instead of misery loving company. But whatever floats your boat!)

I will just say this. Be mindful. Be faithful. Face adversity- this is coming your way whether you like it or not. But be prepared to handle it, so that when it comes, the only character exposed is the character you’ve been trying to achieve for yourself, the one you want others to experience as well.


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