Agree to disagree

It goes a little something like this. Everyone is different, and not everyone will agree.

It’s this simple.

There have been two major times during my professional career, and many times in my personal life, in which I have learned this lesson. I am still struggling with what I know to be the resolvement: to let it go. If anyone knows of a better solution, please inform me.

I am the type of person who, when my mind and heart are dedicated to something, I need to do it all the way. I need it to carry through. I don’t wait until the last minute, but as soon as I can. I overachieve. To quote Noah from The Notebook, “When I see something I like I gotta have it. I love it. I go crazy for it.” Obviously here I am not talking about someone else, maybe in the future! But for now, this applies to anything. Even selling a house I’ve come to find.

The point I’m trying to make is, even when you work so hard for something, no matter what your intentions are (in my two major professional situations, the best of) sometimes you won’t be perceived that way. Sometimes people will just disagree, and if they go further, misperceive your intentions. It’s unfortunate, but hey agreeing to disagree is something we all have to face from time to time, right?

If you know you’ve done what’s right, with all of your heart and mind, and you can’t get any further by any means of your effort, there’s only one thing left to do.

Let it go.


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