First day of “school”

Today was Holden’s first day of school… rather, first morning of Mother’s Day Out. Even though he is only going two mornings a week, it felt like I was sending him to college. I bawled like a baby from the moment I woke him up.

It was the first ‘real’ time I had to drop him off, aside from with the family of course. My little buddy reaching the real world. I had to say bye.

I am sending him to school like this at 19 months because he is extremely independent. He needs stimulation of kids around him rather than just spending his time with adults all day. There’s really only so much entertainment I can provide, which is hard to believe because I feel like I’m either dancing, singing, or wrestling 12 hours out of the day.

The school looked like a movie scene: little girls dressed perfectly with big bows in their hair, moms carrying their boxes of tissues, daddy with a video camera straped to his hand. A lot of kids were there with two parents. My heart hurt.

That was until I reached Holden’s classroom and noticed a little boy about 3 years old face down, pounding his fists on the ground having a temper tantrum. That made me laugh. Poor mama.

We reached his room where the toddlers get passed across the half door to the two teachers… there were only 3 other kids of the 14 there when we first arrived. Holden slowly walked around, cautiously checking everything out as a little girl next to him was crying for her mama. She was standing next to me, both of us around the corner. Me with tears streaming down my face. The other telling me this was her third to go and that they’ll love it next week.

I reached my car and sat there crying for a while as I focused in on the playground… the adorable swingset. The seats couldn’t have been a foot off the ground.

My little man is growing up too soon.

And for pure entertainment, thank you mom for taking this picture when we stopped by on our way to school. I mean video.


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