Let life begin


Sixteen months ago I knew my life. I had my little baby in my little house in my little suburb. I had my friends, lifelong and college, had my family, had my ‘marriage.’ Knew my neighbors and had a routine. I was comfortable.

The life I knew was all I wanted. I had no yearning to meet new people, to be outgoing as I had been my whole life.

I look back to that comfort and now get uncomfortable thinking about it. I was close-minded and happy.

My life began anew. A difficult process at first. Through the pain came a new life: a scary, unexplained, ambiguous, ever-changing life. Evolving into a great life. An open-minded happy.

Routines are great. I am a routined person. Type-A to the max. Most of my daily routine is accomplished every day by 11am. I don’t think that letting go of this routine was what contributed to my happiness now, but letting go of the comfort- the life again that I thought I knew, and being open to the life that was awaiting, has proved many times to be a factor to this happiness.

These proofs exist within the people who have come into my life over the last sixteen months. People I would have never had the pleasure of knowing unless I let go of my previous life.  The inspiration, encouragement, positivity that has been instilled within me because of these particular people is unmatched. It’s nothing I learned in school, work of my previous life. But in the real world, and out of the comfort, real things like this happen-good things happen.

How grateful am I to have stepped into the unknown, letting go of any stigma or embarrassment associated with the situation I got myself into. My new life was waiting for me.


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