Concern vs. control

I’m a believer in simple truths. Things that are difficult to argue against. Therefore, more agreement and positivity.

When having a late night discussion with two great friends last week, they reminded me of an idea, one of these truths, I must have forgotten about during my Dark Ages.

It goes like this.

Basic. Two circles, one bigger one and one smaller one inside. The bigger one? Your circle of concern… everything you care about.  The smaller? Your circle of control… or ‘influence’ as I believe the technical word is.

It’s overwhelming for us intricate humans when we cannot control everything we concern ourselves with.

Shift that negative emotion and energy into that circle of control. Your life will change.

It’s a hard thing to do. Lessen up on the things we care about and just recognize where we have the power to control elsewhere. It takes work.

You won’t worry as much, you won’t stress as much, and surely you will have less anxiety. No matter what you’re dealing with, who you’re dealing with, and how bad you may feel, the fact of the matter is that we will feel better if we can focus, love and appreciate those things we can control.

Thanks J & C for this reminder!


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