Put a ring on it

About how long after you had your baby did it take to fit your wedding ring back on?

I feel so naked without my wedding ring! I couldn’t wait to put it back on my finger.

Why would I have gotten a fake one just to fit when I have a real one waiting for me to put it back on?

I won’t cry, I won’t cry.

I didn’t cry. I’m used to the kick-in-the-stomach questions and conversations like these by now. It doesn’t get me as much as it used to. In fact it doesn’t get me at all.

When I moved home last year? Holden was 5 months old. One of the hardest kicks came from a lady who I just met saying, “Oh! You were the girl on the cover of the InRegister bridal issue! I just adored your wedding! It was so beautiful!” I believe this happened the week I filed for divorce. I just stood there with tears streaming down my face as I held Holden and couldn’t respond.

These words of the other moms in Holden’s Wednesday mornings Mommy & Me gymnastics class pierced through my ears as I struggled to get Holden to sit on his red floppy circle for the ‘stretch’ before class began. I have the only boy there, but he needs to go to exert some energy.

Like this:

Which is the amount of energy he has all. day. long.

During the conversation, I think about how I will respond. If I start to think about getting upset, I turn it around. These are moms who are happily married, some of which are expecting again. I’m happy for them. Hopefully, that will be a conversation I can in join one day (if not, that’s okay too), but not without taking a look at some ring fingers first.


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