Making people better

A topic that’s come up in my life recently.

“I like human nature and always see that bringing people together through pure intent leaves people thinking more clear, globally and better,” he said.

It’s a great thing to strive for- wanting to make people better for knowing you. Though, one’s perception of what that “better” definition can completely vary from person to person; however, most perceptions of the word are all GOOD perceptions. I liked this recent definition.

For me, I definitely want people to be better for knowing me. I have always felt obligated to this idea.

That betterness, to me, would probably mean this.

I want people who come into my life happier for knowing me. Happier is better right? Sadness does not make people better. This I learned the hard way.

How do I make people feel happier? What I would hope is that, any effort, word, gesture and so forth, that I put forth other people should be positive, like in the form of a gift. Gifts make people happy right? In a non-tangible way I’m thinking though. I’m a giver, or I like to think that I am. I hope I’m a giver. I like to support, encourage, provide for people… in any way those gifts can be given- a smile, a touch, a sentence, even a fragment (something I use to convey a lot in my writing), I hope, when it matters, just makes anyone better. Simple gifts.

Any time those gifts have been given to me, especially over the past year and a half, I’ve walked away better because of them.


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