When you least expect it


I like a little cliché saying every now and again. It brings out the hopeless romantic in all of us, agree?

Things happen when you least expect them.

Don’t I know that right now. Serendipity if you will. It’s a real thing.

Up until a few weeks ago the feelings of being damaged, broken, and undeserving still resonated deep within me. Stronger, smarter, resilient qualities still on the front line, but as I mentioned before as my priest friend said, “Divorce is like a scar.”

I felt like I had moved mountains to get where I was in that I finally knew who I was, was working to get better, and knew what I wanted. But still wasn’t ready for what I wanted or hoped for. I told myself a million times over that I was okay either way.

I’d say I’m ready now. I’m ready for all of it. For happiness, for true, genuine, unconditional happiness.The catalyst for this change? That thing that happened when I wasn’t looking. When I wasn’t forcing.

Hit me like a school bus just like Regina George at the end of the movie Mean Girls. Out of nowhere.

But it felt good. It continues to feel good, feel healing. Restoring within me everything that was stolen. And doing much, much more than that.


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