The muffin man

Holden has started developing quite rapidly since first beginning Mother’s Day Out two mornings a week in September. Though, still no talking. Fully comprehensive, but just no words. I’ve pretty much gone to the moon and back running through reasons as to why this is so, but I remain optimistic. I’m sure once those words start, they just won’t stop coming out- and I am very much looking forward to what’s going on in that big head of his! He already has so much to say.

My family has given me a hard time lately because one of these developments that has fully taken off is quite funny, dare I say even helpful? For me. He has become pretty obsessed with cleaning. Cleaning anything- the house, his face, his clothes, his hands. He loves loading the washer and dryer, he loves to vacuum, he loves to swiffer. Sometimes he’ll grab a few wipes from the dispenser just to clean off the table, window, then move on to his face or belly (on top of his shirt).

One of his musical DVDs was on repeat as it is day in and day out, and when I heard “The Muffin Man” come on for about the tenth time in two hours, he ran up to me yanking my shorts and pointing to the container of muffins on the counter. Twice in a row. He needed not one, but TWO muffins during this song. I was so excited thinking he was just really hungry and maybe if he sees something on TV, he’ll want to eat it (a strategy that has crossed my mind now that his terrible early two’s has turned him into a slightly picky eater).

Well, before I got too excited I noticed what he was doing with the muffin.


And that was only one of the muffins. And the second? It’s probably in the dryer.


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