Leave it to a little piece of chocolate to remind me of something so important, but often forgotten.


It’s a word I have used to describe my near 22-month old son over and over: Fearless.

His eyes open every morning and the world is his oyster. Daring and innocent make for a youthful composition, one that takes effort to attain as a 26-year old.

Everything he does is full of want, full of need, full of exploration. He does it full-heartedly and doesn’t think twice about it. Whether it’s running down the hill in our backyard or hitting a stranger on the airplane, the little man defines fearless. His strength and determination inspire me daily.

As adults we become fearful. That fearlessness becomes more internal and less physical as time goes on. Scared of doing the things we want or need. Terrified to carry through because we are frightened of what people may think, how they would react. How often we don’t do things for this reason. Hide away. No one will see us.

A shame.

So then one random night, craving chocolate, I pick this piece up and get an inspirational reminder. Something that Holden has been teaching me from Day 1. Something I continue to work on. Something I hope to be for Holden. Something I hope to be for myself.


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