Timing is also of the essence

So often I use sayings like ‘for so long’ or ‘a while now’ throughout my posts. When really, the calendar of time that my blog is dedicated to is so little in comparison to a lifetime. My divorce was final a year ago, and I’ve been separated since 6 months before that. And 5 months before that I gave birth to that little ray of sunshine I call Holden Brooks.

That being said, it’s easy for me to distinguish time from timing. It’s almost like comparing numerals to lessons; yet both are crucial in what I’m trying to accomplish with this blog. I believe I said in one of my initial posts, that I’ve made it through most of one’s life’s milestones in a matter of a few years.

Speaking to both, I’ve learned a lot in so little. That is, mountains have been moved in seconds. (Remember, I tend to lean towards impulsivity. Coincidental?)

I like to think of timing in a sense of where life puts me when, and to which a degree of certain emotion is elevated.

The timing at which I got married was crucial. The timing at which I had a child was crucial. The timing at which I was divorced was crucial.

And now, the timing at which someone new has come into my life has also been crucial. (If you hadn’t picked that up a few posts back, there you have it.) That’s a very short and sweet way of putting it. That’s how I’ll say it for now. I’m sure my heart will guide me to write in depth later on, but for now that’s all I’ll say. As far as time goes, too soon numerically? Yeah, I’m sure that thought crosses one’s mind.

My friends joke that I need to change the title of my blog now that I’m in a relationship.

My response? I’ve got four more years until I’m not twenty-something anymore.


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