Do people change? Can you change someone else? Can you change yourself?

I’ve always answered any of these questions with a definite NO. End of story. I could hear mom’s unarguable statement of “all four of my kids have had their personalities since birth” repeat any time I stumbled upon a situation that explored these questions. The whole psychology debate over nature vs. nurture wasn’t even a debate to me. Four kids growing up in the exact same environment, being parented in the same manner all “turn out” completely different.

It’s as if I accepted people for all having their own innate soul and mind- never to be swayed or adjusted outside of what they each were in their originality.

That NO gained more backup as I found myself drowning in the sea of what if’s that ultimately lead to the decision of leaving my marriage at 24. “People never change.” How many times did I hear that! And how many times did I agree.

Here I sit now, 26, transitioning. Myself is, in a very real way, changing- changing in a way that before I didn’t think happened to people. Uncovering an open mind I didn’t know I had for most of my life. Sure I was accepting of other people and appreciated differences, always considering myself humanitarian, but now I’m realizing that same open mind has potential to be an even deeper, thorough disposition take on my ownself and not just towards others. The values I’ve prided myself on are changing shape. And all for the better. However, my core remains. And by that I mean wanting to do good. Wanting to be good and wanting to share good in its most basic, fundamental way possible.

A lover of all things kind.

I’ve said before that becoming a mother constructed a more enhanced version of myself. A transition. Thinking further, feeling deeper. Living in every minute instead of just passing by.

That was a transition within a transition. A big one nonetheless, but a small one within the realm of becoming who I always was.


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