It’s no secret Holden is delayed on speech. I’ve mentioned before how he goes to speech therapy twice a week, and a few weeks ago he had tubes put into his ears. As of recently though, he really has started to verbalize more. Though we are still working on shaping the words.

Even though the words are coming slowly, comprehension has never been an issue. He can fully understand what you tell him. You can see it on his face. And he will do exactly what’s being asked. Well, unless mommy is doing the asking.

So, it’s no surprise that when the words do come out, the context is dead on.

Just like when he said “I GOT IT!” His first sentence a few weeks ago as he got a puzzle piece to fit in the right spot at speech therapy.

He’s been using this sentence in every situation possible. Like when he fits the DVD in the player, shoots both arms up and yells it out. Or when he makes a hoop with a basketball. Even when he turns a page in his book.

Though all of these situations in which he uses this sentence become music to my ears, I have to admit my favorite use of this context was last week. We were driving home from my parents’ house after dinner.

He yelled it ever so proudly. “I GOT IT!!!!”

I looked in the rear-view mirror, saw his gleaming smile from ear-to-ear. And he was giving a thumbs up with one massive booger right on top.


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