My man’s got some big feet. Before even turning two, his pediatrician told me he’s got the average shoe size of four-year-old boys. They’re just about as wide as they are long.

So, Crocs are his most favorite type of shoe to wear. Just wide enough for his big feet.

He loves going to the new Crocs store at the mall. He admires the rows of pegs with all the different bright colors. He asks me if he can get “off” his stroller, and proceeds to walk up and down the wall of toddler choices. He walks slowly and points every single one out to me and smiles. He twiddles his fingers together and furrows his eyebrows. This is his toughest decision of the day. After telling him no to the girly “puh-puh”-colored ones about ten times, he finally makes his decision. But on two. One pair isn’t good enough. He ends up bringing one pair of bright blue ones and one pair of camo and orange ones up to the cash register.

I’d say he’s been shopping a few times in his life. Knows how it goes- cash or credit card, his favorite is the credit card. Loves to swipe. He gets it from his Mama.

Once he gets to the register he puts his two pairs up on the desk. He tells her what he wants to buy. But he can’t quite say the word Crocs. My jaw drops and so does the Crocs employee’s. We burst out into laughter and he wonders what’s so funny.

Hurried, and Holden smiling, we make our way to the exit of the store with Holden’s two new pairs of Cocks.



2 thoughts on “Crocs

  1. Poor little man, yall laughing at his pronouciation of words. At least he is trying. I wish I could find me some crocs. We have outlet stores for crocs here and have bought a pair of scandals for Amber and hiking boots for Eddie. Keep posting I love the short stories of life.

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