I had just put Holden down for his nap. Closed the door behind me when I heard it. The subtle tune being sung in the room next door. I waited outside and leaned my back against the wall and slowly dropped to sit. Closed my eyes and just listened to the song. He was singing to his own baby, caressing him to sleep in Daddy’s arms. In my head I’m thinking “that is one blessed baby boy.”

Later on I watched as Mommy and Daddy went about their day, their routine. Taking turns at changing diapers. Simultaneously entertaining him and playing with him. Loving on him always.

Never once did I hear the words, “you just do it better,  so can you do it?”

This past weekend Holden and I had the pleasure of spending some quality time with some dear friends of mine. I was there to see every minute of their day, their life. The day we left another couple we knew came to visit with their new baby also. Hearing the words this new daddy described regarding watching his wife go through labor and his life since the baby has come so deeply touched my heart that tears streamed down my cheeks. As I’m trying not to wonder how much of my hair had been pulled out so far while solely manhandling my busy Holden this weekend. I wanted to thank them all for laying out right in front of me examples of what I have to look forward to in a family culture.

They seemed to have the parenting thing down, these couples. Young parents, like me. They knew their responsibilities, were in tune with the right kinds of feelings. And every minute I could witness their want to do it. No matter the task at hand, any one of these four parents was willing to put forth the effort.

I realize there are different dynamics and roles with every family, every pair of parents. Not every day or moment adjusting is a happy one. I know this too. Not every minute is there that want. Everyone experiences good and bad days. Parenting is both deeply miserable and extraordinarily rewarding all in one. And more often than not, these oxymorons of emotions can be experienced every single minute of the day.

What I left with though was refreshing. A proof that this whole parenting thing isn’t as difficult as people make it to be (as I make it to be usually). Especially when there are two parents. Two who are on the same page for the majority. Two who complement each other as partners in priorities and decision making. Two parents who have molded their own family dynamics themselves and stick to them.

And what Holden left with was a head full of static from the neighborhood playground slide.



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